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Male & Female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies For Sale

Their puppies are so amazing, i am very happy; i got this puppy just a few days ago, healthy, came with all what was mentioned. if we want another puppy anytime it should definitely come from you guys.
Cesar Logan
Very informative, they truly love their puppies and it shows keep going don't stop Hurrah 🙂
Emily Mendez
Little Rock,AR
These folk were of great help to me as I offered a home to a 12 weeks old female . The first time I've ever had a puppy stay with me, I spent the month before he arrived getting everything ready and wen it was due for the puppy to arrive we were notified with a call.
Frederick Estrada
we got a male and female from them they are exceptionally healthy puppies and we love them so much we are very happy to have had this amazing opening to have these cuties join our family.
Randall Yates
You deserve to always be appreciated your wonderful puppies and how friendly they get along with our kids its something to always talk about thanks a million we love him so much.
Irving Drake