About Us

Our Unique cavalier king charles spaniel puppies home your last stop in search of cavalier king charles spaniel puppies be it black and tan, ruby, chestnut and white or a combination , we have male and female cavalier king charles spaniel puppies from healthy champion sire and dam. because of the “fine print” of our breeding technics, we have the finest cavalier king charles spaniel puppies worldwide. We have had several litters of cavalier king charles spaniel puppies by so doing we are very versed with the logistics of this breed and therefore we guarantee healthy and health tested puppies. Our love for our puppies makes us different from others, and we believe this show in the quality of puppies our buyers receive.

Our puppies are well socialized and very obedient, we teach them so much at a pretty tender age and due to the background of their upbringing they will make excellent companions for their forever home. We treat and handle all puppies with soft hands and a soft voice stressing on comfort at all moments.

We treat all puppies under our care like our own children and expect only the best condition for them. In this way, are we able to have puppies of exceptional quality. All of our puppies have a complete written health guarantee! We guarantee that there are no symptoms of disease or parasites at the time of sale/shipping and that our puppies are completely healthy. This means that our puppies are free of viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal infections, and congenital defects. We make an extra effort to keep all puppies in their best health conditions. When you book with us, we make sure the puppy is fully vaccinated and ready for the trip .We strive to provide the best health care and living facilities for our puppies. As we are very much aware, They need so much care and attention. Thus, we have strict policies in providing the best living conditions in order to achieve this; each puppy comes along with AKC Certificate, Health Certificate, Health Guarantee, Medical Record, Playing Toys Foodstuffs ,Puppy Tit Starter.

Vals’ cavalier king charles spaniel puppies flair was started by Jerid Cotto, Tonya Warren and Blair Vega. We take excellent care of our puppies Knowing that, every detail is handled properly, even a higher priority. We understand that the puppy you are interested in is already a member of the family and therefore our team and veterinarians,will make sure the puppy/puppies should be Choreographed and delivered at your address without any Alterations.